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Kong's Polyaspartic Floor Process

We’re all about the nitty-gritty details when it comes to the successful application of polyaspartic coatings. Count on us to walk you through each step of the coating process. 

We use high-end grinders with our modern HEPA approved vacuums to reduce dust and debris.

We fix cracks, dents and chips using premium repair materials best for Kong’s high-build coatings.

We ensure a smooth finish by grinding the surface after repair application has dried for best results. 

We apply a base layer of polyurea for proper adhesion of vinyl polymer chips (flakes).

We broadcast a layer of vinyl chips (100% coverage) for enhanced aesthetic appeal and maximum protection. 

We remove excess chips after application and scrape the floor in various directions for a smooth surface and the best top coat finish.  

We evenly apply the Kong Coat using a squeegee, and then roll North to South and East to West for the perfect finish. 

Drying and curing rate is about 2-3 hours – Then you can enjoy your new floor!

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