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For your convenience, we will prepare and send your quote via text or email. If you have questions about your quote, you can request to speak to one of our experts right here in Orlando and we will be happy to discuss.  

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Online Estimates: Without the ability to conduct an in-person moisture test, our online quotes will include and require a Moisture Vapor Barrier at no extra cost. 

You will still receive all the benefits of our premium polyaspartic coatings as our technicians apply this product over the moisture vapor barrier – 1 day project goal!

Moisture Vapor Barriers are the best solution for base coats and will ensure maximum durability and longevity for your floor coating project without having to be concerned with moisture.

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We’re dedicated to providing top-tier decorative concrete coatings tailored to your needs. Due to the nature of online estimates, we want to ensure accuracy and quality in every quote we provide.

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Online Estimate Process: All you need to do is simply fill out the form below and submit it – we will do the rest! 

Required Inclusion For Online Estimates: A Moisture Vapor Barrier will be required for the base coat, followed by Kong’s Premium Polyaspartic top coat.

REASON: Without the ability to conduct an in-person moisture test, we must err on the side of caution. Therefore, all online estimates automatically include the Moisture Vapor Barrier as your Base Coat.

An MVB coat is the very base coat protection on the market which is applied directly on the concrete and under the polyaspartic clear top coat. This ensures durability and longevity for your floor coating without concerns for moisture later on  – And you STILL receive all the benefits of Kong’s long-lasting Polyaspartic floor coating with a one day project goal!

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