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Vinyl Flake Process



Taking an accurate moisture reading is a CRUCIAL step we complete during your quick no-obligation floor assessment to make sure your floor does not FAIL! Many skip this step to save on costs, cut corners, or simply because they lack proper training. If the moisture reading is too high, your floor will fail without applying a moisture vapor barrier. If your moisture reading meets our threshold or below, then we can begin your new coating project without applying a moisture vapor barrier! Floor coatings can peel up from the concrete and waste your money, so its best to let our trained technicians run a our moisture tests during our free visit.

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Kongcrete Coatings uses a high grade diamond grinder and hand grinders on all concrete surfaces to effectively remove the top cream layer of concrete and to expose a porous, contaminant-free surface.

Precautions are taken to keep the dust to a minimum. Each technician is experienced in evaluating and preparing the concrete floor to meet our rigorous standards.

If necessary (depending on the current condition of the surface), our coating technicians will remove pre-existing coatings such as epoxy, paint, and other sealers.




Kongcrete Coatings will repair cracks, holes, or divots using a special blend of premium products that are flexible and provide a superior bond to concrete – and can be used on all surface imperfections! Our technicians will  level out inclinations and uneven areas of the concrete for a beautiful flat and safe surface. 

Next, we will ensure all of our patch repairs are sanded down to create a maximum bond with your new coating. Finally, we will mop your floor with acetone to ensure every speckle of dust is removed from the floor and prepare the materials for your new coating!





After the surface is fully prepped and cleaned, Kongcrete Coatings applies our proprietary polyaspartic (epoxy) with large 18“ rollers.

Prior to your first coat we remove the tape we place around our rollers to ensure microfibers and dust do not end up on your new coating! Kongcrete Coatings will then apply the recommended base coat and and a full broadcast of decorative color flakes.

  • For epoxy coatings: We let the flakes dry into the base coat overnight and shut your garage about 80% and setup a barrier for wind and debri.
  • For polyaspartic coatings: These coatings take about 2-3 hours to dry, in which case we we will return same day to complete your top coat! 



Day two in our process includes the reclaiming of excess flakes on the floor surface using a blower.

After the excess flakes are collected and removed, the floor is scraped and shaved, or even buffed to achieve the desired amount of texture.




Kongcrete Coatings applies our proprietary industrial grade poly clear coat. This product dries very quickly and must be spread accurately and rolled with precision. We apply the highest-quality UV resistant poly clear coat to ensure a uniform high gloss look that will stand up to the heavyweight of vehicle traffic, hot tires, and more. 

If you prefer an even  smoother finish, we will apply a final (second) clear coat – and if you prefer a second coat with more traction, we will apply an anti-skid aggregate to protect against slickness. Let’s talk about your new dream floor! 


How to Maintain and Clean Your Beautiful New Floor Coating.

  • Sweep/Blow: Sweep or blow out loose dust and debris.
  • Fabuloso/Soap Cleaner: In a large bucket, mix 1/4 cup of Fabuloso, Simple Green, or your preferred soap cleaner per gallon of warm or cold water. Dawn soap with a blue pad or microfiber rag works well too.
  • Mop/Squeegee: Apply the solution to the surface of the garage floor coating with a traditional mop or use a large squeegee to remove the water from the surface.
  • Let it Dry! Allow the floor to dry, there is no need to rinse. Keep Rubber Base on Door. We recommend also trying to keep the rubber base at the bottom of the garage door clean so that it does not leave dirt or grime on the floor coating when closed.

Checklist Considerations Prior to Your Floor Upgrade!

  • Clear the Space: Remove all vehicles, machinery, and personal belongings from the designated area. Generally, items can be moved inside or in the backyard temporarily if they will not be damaged by rain. Depending on the number of items stored in your garage, consider temporary storage solutions such as portable storage pods for items that cannot be relocated. Feel free to ask us about our recommended 5-star storage pod providers!

  • Ensure Adequate Ventilation: Provide proper ventilation by keeping windows and doors open during the application and curing process. If the job is indoors, make sure the HVAC system is turned off during the application and until the coating is fully cured.

  • Temporary Relocation: If applicable, arrange for an alternative parking space for vehicles during the coating process. Consider relocating pets and sensitive items to a safe and dust-free environment.  

  • Inform Neighbors: If applicable, notify neighbors or your HOA about your new coating. Our equipment and tools make noise and may cause disruption, especially during the first couple of hours.  

  • Workspace Access: Please keep the project area accessible for our crew so they have unobstructed access to the work area!

  • Time Frame: For best results, we like to arrive between 6:30AM-7AM. The time will be confirmed when the project is scheduled. The earlier we can arrive the sooner we’ll be out of your hair!

  • Remove Floor Coverings: If there are rugs, carpets, or other floor coverings in the area, remove them to allow for proper coating application.

  • Emergency Contacts: If emergency contact is NOT provided, the number on file will be the default emergency contact.

  • Final Walkthrough: Post completion we will conduct a final walkthrough with you to address any last-minute questions.

  • Important Note: The AC or HVAC system should remain off during the coating application and curing process to prevent dust or debris from settling on the wet surface. AC or HVAC systems may be turned on once the coating is fully dry.