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Flake Coatings: Durability and Aesthetics


Flake coatings have become increasingly popular in the world of decorative concrete coatings due to their ability to enhance both durability and aesthetics. In this blog post, we will delve into the intricate process of flake coatings, highlighting their transformative impact on concrete surfaces.

What are Flake Coatings?

Flake coatings, also known as flake floors or flake epoxy flooring, are decorative floor coatings consisting of multicolored vinyl chips embedded in a clear epoxy or polyaspartic base. These flakes come in various sizes, colors, and blends, allowing for endless customization possibilities.

The Application Process

  1. Surface Preparation: The concrete surface is thoroughly cleaned, repaired, and prepped to ensure proper adhesion of the coating.
  2. Primer Application: A primer coat is applied to the prepared surface to promote adhesion and create a strong bond between the substrate and the coating.
  3. Base Coat Application: A pigmented epoxy or polyaspartic base coat is applied evenly across the surface. This base coat serves as the foundation for the flake broadcast.
  4. Flake Broadcast: The colored vinyl flakes are broadcasted onto the wet base coat until the desired coverage is achieved. Excess flakes are removed, and the surface is allowed to cure.
  5. Top Coat Application: A clear top coat is applied to encapsulate the flake system, providing protection against UV rays, abrasion, and chemicals. This top coat also enhances the depth and gloss of the finish.

Benefits of Flake Coatings 

Flake coatings offer a multitude of benefits for both residential and commercial spaces:

  • Durability: The combination of epoxy or polyaspartic base coats and clear top coats creates a durable surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic, impact, and abrasion.
  • Aesthetics: Flake coatings add visual interest and depth to concrete surfaces, creating a seamless and vibrant finish.
  • Slip Resistance: The textured surface created by the flakes enhances slip resistance, making flake coatings ideal for areas prone to moisture and spills.
  • Easy Maintenance: Flake coatings are easy to clean and maintain, requiring only periodic sweeping and mopping to keep the surface looking pristine.
  • Customization: With a wide range of flake colors and blends available, customers can customize their coatings to match their unique style and preferences.

A Popular Choice

Flake coatings offer a perfect blend of durability and aesthetics, making them a popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike. Whether you’re looking to enhance the durability of your garage floor or add a touch of style to your commercial space, flake coatings are an excellent solution.

At Kongcrete Coatings, we specialize in professional flake coating installations, ensuring exceptional quality and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about our flake coating services and transform your concrete surfaces into stunning works of art.