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Getting Concrete Coating Quotes: Accurate Estimates You Can Trust

At-home estimates are crucial because the most important factors that determine the cost of a concrete coatings project can only be assessed in person to ensure you are not overcharged or under quoted. 

Here are just a few factors that contribute to the price of a professionally installed concrete floor coating:

Space Assessment

    • Substrate Condition: Condition of the existing concrete surface plays a significant role. If the concrete is in poor condition (or porous), requiring more extensive repairs or preparation, it will add to the cost. Conversely, a floor in good condition or well-maintained surface might require minimal preparation, reducing costs.

    • Moisture Test: Concrete coatings can peel if the concrete has too much moisture and it won’t adhere properly to the surface. So we take a quick reading to see if we need to lay a moisture barrier coat prior to the upper layer(s). This test ensures we complete the job using the required materials so there is a maximum bond. Although more rare in Florida, moisture in concrete does occur – especially in locations by the coast.

    • Total Square Feet: The size of the area to be coated directly affects the cost.

    • Existing Coatings: If there are existing coatings on the concrete, they may need to be removed or prepared before applying the new decorative coating. Removing old coatings or preparing them for recoating can add to the labor and material costs. If it’s a thin layer of paint that comes up easily, then no additional costs are incurred.


    • Stem-wall or Baseboards: The addition of stem-wall coatings or baseboards can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the floor but will also add to the material and labor costs. These can be small or large depending on size, obstacles and complexity.

    • Control Joints: Depending on the design preferences, condition, filling, or repairing control joints.

Flake Design

    • Standard Flake: Standard flake design may be more cost-effective compared to special order or custom blends.

    • Special Order/Custom Flake: You might want a specific color, texture, or pattern that requires a special order or custom blending of materials, this will increase the overall cost due to the additional materials, shipping and labor involved.
Prodominantly white blends are not a standard flake blend because they application of white flake are more complex and a primer is always recommended prior to laying the base coat. The costs associated with custom blends (especially white) are always higher due to time, additional materials and labor.

Important to Note: If you are shopping around for a polyaspartic coating, they will be more expensive than epoxy estimates. Polyaspartic has several benefits making them the ideal choice for residential garages and commercial spaces. So, make sure you look at the estimates carefully.

At-home estimates ensure accuracy, transparency, and alignment with your needs, preferences and more importantly, what the job requires for a smooth execution.

At-home estimates ensure accuracy, transparency, and alignment with your needs, preferences and more importantly, what the job requires for a smooth execution.

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